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Energy • Economy • Science Fuel cells for passenger cars: hope or hype? Hans-Joachim Ziegler • 8 min.
Energy • Innovation Nuclear fusion: elation or illusion? Hans-Joachim Ziegler • 5 min.
Society • Climate • Opinions Refuting climate doomsayers: Michael Shellenberger’s Apocalypse Never Dariush Jones • 7 min.
Energy • Society • Opinions • Economy Giving consumers a green nudge: interview with behavioral economist Jason Shogren Jason Shogren, behavioral economist • 7 min.
Wasserstoff: Energieträger der Zukunft
Energy • Climate • Opinions Hydrogen: Jules Verne’s vision brought to life Andreas Schierenbeck, Vorstandsvorsitzender Uniper SE • 8 min.
Meteorologe Sven Plöger
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Climate • Society • Opinions “Climate change is like an asteroid impact in super slow motion” Sven Plöger, meteorologist • 12 min.
Wird die EEG-Umlage abgeschafft?
Energy • Opinions • Economy Less red tape, more green energy? A proposal to abolish Germany’s renewables surcharge Thorsten Müller, Research Director of the Foundation for Environmental Energy Law • 8 min.
Kirsty Gogan
Opinions • Climate • Energy Up and atom: interview with nuclear-energy advocate Kirsty Gogan Kirsty Cogan, executive director of Energy for Humanity • 5 min.
Die Zukunft des Wasserstoffs
Energy • Politics • Opinions We need to design the right regulatory framework.” A talk about the future of hydrogen with economist Veronika Grimm Veronika Grimm, economist and energy expert • 8 min.
Energy • Innovation Germany should embrace technologies that make coal climate-friendlier.” Dr. Dietmar Lindenberger • 4 min.
Energy • Politics • Opinions “My faith is in green hydrogen” Dennis Radtke, member of the European Parliament • 8 min.
Energy • Climate • Opinions Germany needs to phase out coal by 2030” Volker Quaschning, professor of renewable energy systems • 15 min.
Bremst der Coronavirus die Energiewende aus?
Energy • Climate • Society Opportunity or obstacle? What corona means for the energy transition Hans-Joachim Ziegler • 9 min.
Donald Trump
Energy • Society • Politics • Climate Donald Trump's climate policy: “A golden age of energy dominance” Dariush Jones • 7 min.
Joe Biden
Energy • Society • Climate • Politics Biden's climate plan: jobs, workers, unions. Oh, and clean energy too. Dariush Jones • 6 min.
Energy • Innovation Harnessing more renewable energy, decarbonizing industry Thomas Schmidt • 3 min.
Event Debating the future of energy Jochen Brenner • 3 min.
Energy • Innovation • Economy A different incentive for energy efficiency Thomas Schmidt • 7 min.
Energy • Innovation • Economy Corona has further accelerated digitalization” Torbjörn Tärnhuvud • 5 min.
Energy • Climate • Society Even a coal person like me can understand why young people are dismayed.” Franz-Josef Wodopia • 5 min.
Society • Climate Fifth anniversary of pope’s eco-encyclical Dariush Jones • 6 min.
Energy • Society • Innovation Less fretting about jetting Thomas Schmidt • 4 min.
Energy • Society • Climate A new era, a new color, a new world view Dariush Jones • 5 min.
Opinions • Society • Climate “Eating 75 percent fewer animal products is feasible for everyone” Interview with author Sophia Fahrland • 4 min.
Energy • Economy Keeping the lights on Interview with Frank Plümacher, Uniper • 3 min.
Jeremy Rifkin
Economy • Society • Science The profit motive will save the world Thomas Schmidt • 4 min.
Energy • Climate • Economy Can our emissions be undone? Hans-Joachim Ziegler • 5 min.
Energy • Economy Can electricity be both renewable and reliable? Hans-Joachim Ziegler • 5 min.
Opinions • Politics • Economy The energy transition is going to be hard work” Interview with Dr. Almut Kirchner, Energy Expert • 6 min.
Energy • Innovation • Science A British biologist’s uncanny clairvoyance Dariush Jones • 6 min.
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