21.07.20 Debate.Energy Conference: Best of Jochen Brenner • 15 min.

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Hundreds of viewers watched Debate.Energy’s first virtual conference, which was webcast live from Berlin on July 1, 2020. The event also featured the presentation of The Energy Report 2020.

The Debate.Energy forum was held in Berlin on July 1, 2020. It brought together a diverse, international mix of policymakers, business executives, and opinion leaders—including Jeremy Rifkin, Markus Söder, Jürgen Trittin, and Brigitte Knopf—to discuss the future of the energy world.

During the conference, Debate.Energy presented the Energy Report 2020, which is available for Energie-Report (englisch). The study on the energy supply of tomorrow was commissioned by energy company Uniper and conducted by Civey, an opinion research firm.

Debate.Energy was initiated by Uniper, whose CEO Andreas Schierenbeck participated in the Berlin forum along with CFO Sascha Bibert and COO David Bryson. “The energy transition is a task for all of society. Business leaders, scientists, and policymakers have a unique opportunity to dialog with one another to explore possible courses of action, find the best solutions, and take bold action to make them a reality," Schierenbeck said. “Debate.Energy gives this important debate a forum. Our conference in Berlin brought together people with exciting ideas for the energy transition that we discussed openly and on the basis of facts.”


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