About us

About us

Debate.Energy is a magazine that welcomes diverse viewpoints and emphasizes facts. Since our launch in April 2020, we’ve provided a forum for scientists, experts, business leaders, policymakers, and cultural theorists to share their views on one of this era’s most important issues: the transformation of the energy system. We publish articles, interviews, podcasts and videos that challenge the status quo and provide innovative answers for how energy use can become sustainable. We combine impartial research with a voracious appetite for the truth.

What is Debate.Energy?

A magazine that presents thought-provoking facts and opinions about the future. Especially the future of energy.

What is Debate.Energy’s purpose?

To be an as impartial and balanced source of information as possible.

How is Debate.Energy different?

We cut through the noise and chatter surrounding energy and sustainability.

What are Debate.Energy’s ground rules?

Simple: the better argument always wins. Reliable sources are everything. Facts trump feelings.

Who’s behind Debate.Energy?

Debate.Energy is powered by Uniper SE. Journalists, video directors, podcasters, and free-lance writers, many of them based in Germany.

“Energy powers life”

Three questions for Uniper CEO Andreas Schierenbeck
What does Uniper hope to achieve with Debate.Energy?

The world faces an enormous, divisive challenge: how to take the urgent action necessary to protect the earth’s climate in a way that garners the maximum public support and causes the least damage to people’s livelihoods. The debate is often emotional. That’s understandable. People feel as strongly about protecting the planet as they do about protecting their jobs. But this makes constructive dialog difficult. We want Debate.Energy to serve as a neutral and objective forum for dialog between all stakeholders. It’s okay if the dialog is sometimes emotional. But we hope that ultimately the most compelling arguments prevail. After all, everyone—corporations, policymakers, NGOs, and individual citizens everywhere—want the same thing: a healthy environment and a climate-friendly energy supply.

Is Uniper really a credible source of information about the future of energy?

I hope people judge Debate.Energy on the merits of its content. As for Uniper, this is a challenging and exciting time for our company. We have just initiated a proactive coal-exit in Europe and we will become CO2 neutral by 2035 in Europe. For a company that used to operate dozens of coal-fired plants, that’s pretty momentous. Moreover, we’re propelling decarbonization in the other countries where we operate as well. We put it this way: our purpose is to Empower Energy Evolution. It means that we’re determined to find ways to meet the rising demand for energy while simultaneously achieving deep reductions in carbon emissions, at our company and our customers.

Why does energy fascinate you?

From the harnessing of fire to the harnessing of nuclear fission, the history of humankind has been fueled by energy. Over time, energy use has become increasingly efficient. Today’s exciting challenge is to meet the rising demand for energy with sustainable sources. This puts immense pressure on the energy industry to innovate. That’s good. And we believe the energy industry will respond.

Our Netiquette

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We welcome you to engage in a discussion with us and with one another on energy and the future. This is where interested parties, experts, our moderators and authors meet in order to exchange ideas and get information. We hope for an online community that is dedicated to the topics with joy and know-how, that asks questions and answers them. Each of your contributions is taken seriously and since we don't want to delete any contributions, please note our netiquette when commenting and discussing:

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We look forward to well-founded arguments that enrich the discussion; about constructive contributions and well-considered assessments of factual questions.

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We want a friendly and tolerant exchange - even if you have a different opinion. Keep a cool head, even if a topic arouses the mind.

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Support other readers with your knowledge. In this way, we contribute to a pleasant discussion culture.

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We are always open to constructive criticism, but we reserve the right to delete certain comments.*

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